Benze Upholstery

Reupholstery is the skilled work carried out by a furniture specialist of providing furniture with fabric/leather covers, webbing springs or padding.

Reupholstery usually involves the fine art of stripping down the old fabrics from your chair, sofa or pouf and recovering it with a new fabric.

We carry a range of the finest fabric from the top fabric houses in South Africa. 

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Repair & Restoration

Whether it’s a traditional armoire that once belonged to your grandmother or that farm-house style dining table you bought a few years ago, Benze Upholstery’s technicians have the skills to repair your favorite pieces. Revive that scratched coffee table. Refresh your dresser with a new coat of paint. Color-match that flea market nightstand to your bedframe for a cohesive look. Fix furniture joint and structural damage.